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Some topics that have been treated by Corporate Law Institute
  1.    Directors’ Fees, Directors’ Remuneration, and Directors’ Emoluments
  2.     The Unfinished Business in Corporate Governance in Ghana.  (PUBLIC  LECTURE)
  3.     The Mistakes, Assumptions and Ignorance of Professionals and Laymen in Company
  4.     Formation and Organisation.
  5.     New Developments in Corporate Law Practice
  6.     Construction Law Practice
  7.     Challenges in Company Secretarial Practice
  8.     Bidding for Contracts, Works, Goods, & Services in the Public Sector.
  9.     The Practice of Arbitration
  10.     The Board Chairman, The Managing Director, and Power Distribution in Corporate Governance.
  11.     Oil And Gas Agreements In The International Oil And Gas Industry
  12.     Mastering the techniques and modern trends in negotiating and drafting commercial agreements
  13.     Mergers, Aquisitions and Takeovers: Getting the deal done
  14.     Overcoming the challenges in Company Secretarial Practice
  15.     Public Private Partnerships
  16.     Syndicated Lending and Corporate Banking
  17.     Corporate Governance
  18.     A Practical Approach To Understanding Company Shares

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